For some time I have had the inspiration to create these writings, what I would call a hobby of mine. At this point, I feel that I have reached a kind of self-peak in terms of my writing ability and have started to toy around with the idea of putting them were other people can see. If you happen to run across this, I would greatly appreciate your time in reading them and also any comments that you have. My only wish with this is to gain another perspective on my content and style as a means of enriching my work.

29th September 2011

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Not Giving In

Slow down, take a breath and just breathe

There is nothing else to take, that can ease


All of this sudden body shock confusion

This momentary pain is just an evil illusion

Nothing more than a test of internal spirit

The voice of the devil seems so clear, you swear you hear it


Wanting nothing more than to give up and give in

Sometimes it just feels so good to sin


Meaning, having to start all over again

With the hurt you swore you would put to an end

The one that every time things got tough

Was an escape because you had enough


But with that one breath, not today not anymore

Temptation has been shown, out the door

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